Coffee 101: The Different Types of Coffee Explained

29 Sep 20

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop, stared at the seemingly endless list of coffee options, only to settle with the same coffee that you order every time? With the ever-increasing list of coffee choices and milk alternatives, it?s easy to see where the confusion can emerge. But what are you actually ordering? And how do you know that your coffee order is the best choice for you? With our straight-forward guide to understanding coffee styles, we invite you to step out of your coffee comfort zone.

Back to Basics: The Espresso

Also known as a short black, or a doppio for a double shot, the espresso provides the foundation to any espresso-based drink. As the most important component of your coffee, the quality of the espresso matters. Speaking to Max, one of Stag?s trained baristas, he says that ?the expresso should be complex and full-bodied, with a velvety layer of crema on top?.

Not a fan of the intensity of an espresso? No problem ? simply opt for an Americano; the richness of the espresso is retained, but the intensity is mitigated by a splash of hot water.

Know Your Foam: Latte vs Cappuccino

While the espresso remains at the heart of the latte and the cappuccino, the addition of steamed milk makes these two types of coffee ideal for those with a sweeter tooth. Understanding the difference between these two popular coffee styles ultimately boils down to one key concept: ratio. The latte is dominated by steamed milk, while the cappuccino is topped with a thicker layer of textured milk foam. Typically, the foam of the cappuccino is dusted with chocolate powder to add to the creamy sweetness of the hot drink.

Why not veganise your favourite coffee order by swapping regular milk for a plant-based alternative? At Stag Digbeth, we offer plant-based milks at no extra cost, which makes trying something new even easier.

So is a Flat White the Same as a Macchiato?

In short: no, but both coffee styles have a high espresso to milk ratio in relation to a latte or a cappuccino. While the flat white and the macchiato are both intended to display the full-bodied flavour of the espresso, a macchiato is made by simply adding a dash of textured milk onto the espresso shot. If you?re looking for an authentic taste of Italy, a macchiato is the coffee for you.

The flat white, however, is a far more recent addition to the coffee scene. Strong, short, and silky, the flat white is defined by its thin layer of steamed milk and strong taste of espresso, making it the perfect choice for your morning caffeine fix.

To find out more about Quarter Horse, the team who supply our beans and the roasting process behind it, see our page ‘Where Do We Source Our Special Blend of Coffee?’

Why not try a different coffee as your complimentary beverage when you book your next trim?

By Beth Hutton